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Top Notch Physical Therapy’s mission is to be servant leaders in the community, by providing exceptional care to our patients, and creating unparalleled experiences.

Top Notch Physical Therapy is a mobile physical therapy practice, servicing patients from within their home or work space. In the typical brick & mortar physical therapy business model, patients are referred by a physician, based only on the medical doctor’s recommendation. Top Notch Physical Therapy allows patients to receive care directly without a physician’s referral and costly medical bills. Additionally, high insurance deductibles too often discourage people from receiving the care that they deserve. Top Notch Physical Therapy will provide an avenue for patients to receive care at only a fraction of the cost.

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Concierge Mobile Physical Therapy

Top Notch Physical therapy will provide only one on one, patient centered care. Standard care models will book up to four people within one hour, preventing patients from getting skilled care. Patients are often handed off to physical therapy assistants and aids for treatment. Top Notch Physical Therapy will allow patients a full hour of treatment provided by licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy. Our therapists are skilled in orthopedics, with extended knowledge in Manual therapy and Dry Needling certified. Lastly, Top Notch PT takes pride in developing positive relationships with patients. Our therapists will always take time to get to know every patient. We will hear all concerns, answer all questions, and give patients the care that they deserve.

Working Out with a Physio Ball

What will a visit look like? 

The first visit will begin with an introduction. The physical therapist will begin asking questions about your general health and the specific condition, for which you are seeking care. Your physical therapist will perform a detailed examination, identifying deficits and movement dysfunctions. This will be followed by treatment interventions addressing your symptoms and deficits noted during the exam. Dependent on patient status and condition, the physical therapist will prescribe home exercises to be performed in between sessions. 


Personal Consulting: After an evaluation, each patient will have full access to their therapist for questions via email or text message. Phone calls will be scheduled.


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